Let’s Chat about CHAT GPT!

Chat GPT is all the craze and the question that most people and professionals are asking is what’s all the HYPE!? Let me start by saying the advancements in technology continue to amaze me. Chat GPT is a new artificial intelligence software that can create everything from short sentences to full contracts with the simpleContinue reading “Let’s Chat about CHAT GPT!”

Father and Daughter Launch New Mentorship Program and Masterclass to Advance Diversity and Inclusion within in Commercial Real Estate

The BLEU Print, offered by the father and daughter team of ARVO Realty Advisors, will equip women and minorities with education, advice and financial support on their journeys to success.  The father and daughter team of ARVO Realty Advisors, the #1 minority-owned commercial real estate firm in Texas, announced today the launch of a newContinue reading “Father and Daughter Launch New Mentorship Program and Masterclass to Advance Diversity and Inclusion within in Commercial Real Estate”

COVID-19 VS. Coworking Space

As the coronavirus sweeps the nation unexpectedly at an alarming rate, coworking spaces are hit with a harsh new reality. In more recent years co-working space has become extremely popular amongst small and start-up businesses, as well as some of the larger tech-infused corporations. “Occupying approximately 71 million sqft in 40 major cities”, it’s safeContinue reading “COVID-19 VS. Coworking Space”

How to prepare for your real estate exam!

Any advice on how to prepare for the real estate sales exam? -Linkedin question As with anything preparation is KEY! I attempted to do the first 2 online classes through Champions School of Real Estate. While I passed everything with 100%, I knew I would ultimately perform better if I did in person class. TIPContinue reading “How to prepare for your real estate exam!”

Commercial Real Estate: Top 5 Beginner’s Tips

Do you have any beginner’s tips for people who are fresh out of college with no real estate experience Starting out I think it is critical that you Identify a mentor/s in Commercial real estate (CRE). Everyone will have their own personal views and opinions of the industry, so you want to be sure that whoeverContinue reading “Commercial Real Estate: Top 5 Beginner’s Tips”

Changing the face of Commercial Real Estate

As one of the youngest African American women in Commercial Real Estate (CRE), I take the task of encouraging and leading more minorities and women into the industry as one of great importance. While I understand there are many barriers of entry some of which are fueled by race, gender, and age, I don’t want toContinue reading “Changing the face of Commercial Real Estate”

Think big, Dream bigger, watch God work

I was simply going to do a quick insta-story and move on, however, today deserves much more than that! For those who don’t know me, I am a second generation Commercial Real Estate consultant. My passion for the business runs deep! In addition to consulting I am determined to educate millennials and minorities on —whatContinue reading “Think big, Dream bigger, watch God work”

Highlight Reel Vs Reality

I know I am not the only one who has ever looked on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and instantly determined that I am not where I am supposed to be in life. I have to be doing something wrong! Why am I not married with kids, on a yacht making half a million or more?Continue reading “Highlight Reel Vs Reality”