Highlight Reel Vs Reality

I know I am not the only one who has ever looked on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and instantly determined that I am not where I am supposed to be in life. I have to be doing something wrong! Why am I not married with kids, on a yacht making half a million or more? Why don’t I have thousands of followers who support my brand and are influenced by how I live my life? Why aren’t all of my photos flawless or close to it? and more importantly why am I stuck and infatuated with how everyone else is living a perfect life?

The truth of the matter is NOBODY is living a perfect life. Prior to this post, I scrolled down my own IG page and from the looks of it I am a traveling businesswoman making major moves in the commercial real estate realm. There is no trace of deep depression during my birthday trip. My friends flew to Florida at the last minute, We went boating, they rented out a private patio overlooking the ocean at a 5-star restaurant and although I was surrounded with the people I loved I struggled deeply and I felt more alone than anything. But, according to Instagram and facebook…I was living my best life.

It’s so important that every once in a while we disconnect and take a moment to just be in the moment! be thankful and acknowledge our blessings and our accomplishments. We must set goals and stick to them! Otherwise, you will wake up and realize you spent the entire year admiring/envying someone else’s life based on what you perceived to be true. Meanwhile, that person/people you’ve been watching are fighting to stay afloat! they have 50k followers and MAYBE 5 friends, pictures all around the world but no home to call their own, drive a nice car but can’t afford the note, rocking red bottoms trying to figure out how to pay rent, 50 thousand followers and they still feel alone.

Social media is not a measurement tool for your success. It is not the complete picture. This week give social media a break and focus more on what YOU want. Write a list of goals, research how to get there, identify which ones you are going to tackle first and GO FOR IT! This is your movie and you are the director. You get to create your own highlight reel AND actually live the life you want to lead, but first, you have to remove the desire to be someone else and start embracing who you are! God made NO mistakes and you are exactly where you are supposed to be. In all of your imperfections, all of your failures, mistakes, and misfortunes you are BLESSED! You have been strategically positioned for greatness in your own right you just have to reach out and take it!

-Tiffany Ann

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