How to prepare for your real estate exam!

Any advice on how to prepare for the real estate sales exam? -Linkedin question

As with anything preparation is KEY! I attempted to do the first 2 online classes through Champions School of Real Estate. While I passed everything with 100%, I knew I would ultimately perform better if I did in person class.

TIP 1: Find a good real estate school with good reviews. If possible, I highly recommend Champions School of Real Estate. The teachers were thorough, knowledgeable and most of them were animated and a lot of fun to learn from.

TIP 2: Be honest with how you study. The only person you’re hurting by googling the answers online is YOU!

TIP 3: If you choose online instead of in Person…Lock yourself in a room, turn your phone off and have dedicated study time.

TIP 4: As you go through the material make sure you are reading/listening for understanding. Take plenty of notes and if there is anything that you don’t understand send your questions online, utilize YouTube or ask a mentor to help.

After I completed my in person classes I took the prep course (Which I highly recommend). This course outlines EVERYTHING you need to know in order to pass the exam. SPOILER ALERT: Some of the questions from prep and class are in the exam! It pays big time to take this course and pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION! I took the prep course twice and after the second time I gave myself a short 3 day window before I took my exam.

TIP 5: Don’t be afraid to take your prep more than once. The prep course came with my package through Champions School of Real Estate so I was able to take it as many times as my heart desired. (Which in all honesty it desired once, but my mind said “nah sis” lets be sure and do this thing twice)….I passed on the first try. (The test is NOT hard) Think through the questions and use process of elimination.

TIP 6: Schedule your exam within 14 days after your prep. Too much time away from the material will put you at a disadvantage. You want to ensure the information is fresh when you test.

TIP 7: Arrive to your testing site at least 30 mins early. There’s a lot going on in your mind already (What to remember, what didn’t I understand, did I forget etc.) the last thing you need to add to all of that is “S— I’m going to be late!” Early arrival also gives you a moment to relax before you go in.

TIP 8: BREATHE! I know testing can rattle nerves, but in this instance you have 3x to pass and with the right amount of dedication to learning the material…you’re almost guaranteed just that!

Before I tested I said a prayer, I relaxed my body, I talked/cried to my mommy in heaven and I spoke positive affirmations to myself over and over. You can pass…You will pass… You will and you can!

TIP 9: If you (for whatever reason) do not pass…DO NOT GIVE UP! Study the areas you struggled in and come back and do it again. Take prep as many times as you need. Keep in mind nobody cares how many times you took prep, how many times it took you to pass or how close to failing you were. The only thing that matters is …DID YOU DO IT?!

GOOD LUCK to all of the future agents reading this! I know you can do it…now all you have to do is believe in you too!

-Tiffany Ann Ryland

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