Father and Daughter Launch New Mentorship Program and Masterclass to Advance Diversity and Inclusion within in Commercial Real Estate

The BLEU Print, offered by the father and daughter team of ARVO Realty Advisors, will equip women and minorities with education, advice and financial support on their journeys to success. 

The father and daughter team of ARVO Realty Advisors, the #1 minority-owned commercial real estate firm in Texas, announced today the launch of a new virtual education program that will help talented, underrepresented professionals start and advance their careers in commercial real estate. 

The BLEU Print will bring together women and minority professionals from across the country for online educational modules, Q&A mentorship sessions, impactful networking, and access to career advancement opportunities. The program has also made a commitment to reinvest in participants and will provide financial support for those who pursue further opportunities in the commercial real estate field. 

Created by popular demand, the BLEU Print will feature the father-daughter team of Ed Ryland, the founder and CEO of ARVO Realty Advisors, and commercial real estate advisor Tiffany Ann Ryland. The program is part of Tiffany’s vision to provide a four-pillar commitment, which was announced this July and aims to increase diversity in the field by focusing on awareness, opportunities, mentorship, and financial support. 

The BLEU Print debuts at a time when diversity, equity, and inclusion are top concerns for executives across the business landscape. And yet, fewer than 2% of management positions in commercial real estate are held by women or people of color. 

“These numbers are embarrassingly low, and we need intentional, targeted efforts in order to see significant change,” said Tiffany Ryland. “That’s why I’m committed to using my platform to continue driving this conversation. We hope to bring down the barriers for these future leaders and provide them with the resources they need to rise to senior roles in our industry.” 

For a short time, The BLEU Print is being offered at a special introductory rate of $25 per month. Learn more and register at www.TiffanyRyland.com

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