Think big, Dream bigger, watch God work

I was simply going to do a quick insta-story and move on, however, today deserves much more than that! For those who don’t know me, I am a second generation Commercial Real Estate consultant. My passion for the business runs deep! In addition to consulting I am determined to educate millennials and minorities on —what is Commercial Real Estate (CRE), How to create generational wealth via CRE acquisition and lastly I look to set the bar and encourage more participation from women in a highly underrepresented industry.

Now, with all of that being said, I was given the opportunity to sit down and meet with a developer and CEO of one of the top entertainment destinations in Houston! For me, this was EVERYTHING! Why? My dream is to develop small entertainment districts (across the country) in underserved/underdeveloped areas. Ideally, utilizing investors who are young, influential and have a desire to create generational wealth while becoming a staple in THEIR community. Who better to meet, than someone has made this happen and is currently open to doing similar projects just like this! Not only did he share his knowledge on how to develop a project and make it successful, but he agreed that there is a need, an opportunity and he let me know that if I can do the groundwork ill have supporters and investors willing to push my project through.

Wow! I have never felt more inspired, encouraged and just positive about the possibility of making this dream a reality. Every time I talk about this vision, I see it so clearly…and today I got to touch it! I see my future as THE top female commercial real estate consultant in the country, changing lives and creating opportunities in urban communities. I looked down at the model development and almost cried— mainly because today, I watched God position me for greatness!

To be continued…


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