Let’s Chat about CHAT GPT!

Chat GPT is all the craze and the question that most people and professionals are asking is what’s all the HYPE!? Let me start by saying the advancements in technology continue to amaze me. Chat GPT is a new artificial intelligence software that can create everything from short sentences to full contracts with the simple prompt of a few words. Chat GPT is designed to generate human-like responses to natural language prompts, allowing it to engage in conversations with people on a wide variety of topics. Not only is it able to draft these items but, it does so within minutes and sometimes depending on the depth even seconds, saving most people a ton of time and brain power. It’s actually quite fascinating to watch as this software takes your prompt and creates what I can honestly say, based on my knowledge, is a pretty accurate and professionally written document that can be shared within moments! Now, as it continues to improve and provide solutions across industries one thing that I am not sure technology will ever be able to adequately do is imitate personalized human emotion or tone. While it has gotten pretty close there is something so unique to individual character that technology just hasn’t grasped yet. Additionally, while Chat GPT can spit out responses in the blink of an eye I would not use it as a replacement for your attorney, CPA, Doctor, Real estate professional or other niche specific professionals to cut corners or cut costs. It could cost you a lot of money and headaches as it is not always 100% accurate. It is great for giving a basic foundation to start with but it’s important that you don’t get so caught up in its ability that you become lazy and completely reliant on this software to do the work for you. There have been talks and concern around plagiarism, bias data, lack of empathy and believe it or not lack of common sense! The quality of data output from Chat GPT is directly related to the quantity and quality of data input. Therefore, you always have to double check your work and your source.

In conclusion I think EVERY business owner and professional should give Chat GPT a try. Check it out and see what it can do for yourself! Don’t be even later to this new technology wave! Jump in headfirst and be sure to thank me later.

To try it out, click here: https:\\chat.open ai.com

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