So by request instead of just posting pictures from my trip to Mexico, I have decided to give some insight on How to “bola en un Presupuesto”- Ball on a budget, Things to do while in Mexico, and how I was able to get all of my outfits for under $100 (with the exception of one).

IMG_7743First things first…Planning your trip to Cancun!

If you are traveling from Houston (and plan in advance) you can get a round-trip ticket for as little as 226.00 per person flying Southwest Airlines. If you know me, you know I am always up for a trip, especially at a good price!  Next, I often use Vacations To Go to book my hotel. They generally have amazing deals on all-inclusive hotel packages which makes your trip pretty much complete. All-inclusive normally includes ALL Meals and unlimited drinks (most of the adventurous activities are not included).

We stayed at Hotel Riu-Dunamar, which is a brand new resort. If I’m being honest the food was ok, the nightlife activities were a tad disappointing and the drinks were a little watered down but the rooms were extremely clean and the staff was very generous. I assume that the longer they are up and running the more activities they will add to their resort.

We were able to book a trip to Isla Mujeres for 2006.89 Pesos or $102 American dollars lol. This included the round trip boat ride to Isla Mujeres (Island of the woman), lunch, unlimited drinks- on the boat, a snorkeling adventure, and a little shopping (optional). Due to weather and my elementary swimming skills, I chose to skip snorkeling, but it was given great reviews from those who did participate. I would definitely recommend this tour for a slight get-away.

As far as clothing for Mexico, you don’t need much! I purchased my neon yellow strap up swimsuit on sale from Hot Miami Styles. I absolutely love their wide selection of swimsuits and coverups! Definitely one of the first sites I go to when looking for fun, sexy and reasonably priced swimsuits. My floral 2-piece skirt set came from Fashionova. I also used items that I already had inhouse to complete my looks while on vacation. My off-white swimsuit came from Saks fifth avenue. I bought it earlier in the year for Vegas but I never got to wear it, so I brought it out for a little girl time! And lastly, the blue swimsuit came from Everything But Water…probably my favorite swimsuit boutique, but also the most expensive! Look to spend over $100 on anything on the floor, however, don’t discredit the sale items! There are always gems on the wall for under $50.—I love catching a good sale!

In total, I spent about $600 for flight, all-inclusive Hotel, and our little excursion. I absolutely recommend this quick get-away for couples, families or just a little friendly fun in the sun.


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